I'm Zoë.

I started my journey with The Puppy Palace close to a decade ago. My passion is dogs and I love helping owners get great photos of their pets! I have three dogs of my own; a Pekingese named Bowser, a husky mix named Winnie, and a mutt named Laika!

Something I love about my job is seeing what makes each pet unique and capturing it on camera. My private studio allows even very nervous dogs to get comfortable and hyperactive dog's to settle and follow direction.

What to Expect

I like bright colors, and my tastes vary from super packed, maximalist set ups, to clean and neat simple photoshoots. I want you to love your photos and I want your dog to be comfortable taking them!

My private studio is on a quiet street on the west side of Bethlehem. I typically work without parents present, or at least out of their dog's sight. This allows them to focus on me and relax without worrying about mom or dad. This is great for dogs who become anxious around their owners due to separation anxiety.

It’s Pawty Time!

Want to celebrate that next milestone, but don’t want the mess and hassle of decorating and cleaning up? Let us do that for you with our Pawty Package!

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Simple. Clean. Timeless.

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Mini Shoots

Themed photoshoots offered throughout the year! Quirky and fun photos.

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